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This volunteer interpretation service has its base in Korea,
but you can use it anywhere at any time if you can use a telephone.
*** The volunteers donate their precious time for the service. You cannot use it for personal or commercial purposes. ***
  • 24시간 통역봉사서비스
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  • 3각통화
  • 3-way call
    bbb’s voluntary interpretation service operates through
    a “3-way” call between the client, foreigner and the
    volunteer.You call bbb and the connected volunteer
    interpreter will talk to the foreigner and you by turns.
  • 24시간
  • Service 24 hours a day
    Since bbb volunteers are waiting for you 24 hours a day
    and 365 days a year, you can call bbb's main number
    and be connected to a volunteer's mobile phone directly
    at any time you need.
  • 19개언어
  • Availabe in 19 different languages
    bbb’s voluntary interpretation service offers nineteen
    different languages which makes it the biggest
    and strongest in Korea: English, Chinese, Japanese,
    French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Portuguese,
    Arabic, Polish, Turkish, Swedish, Thai, Vietnamese,
    Indonesian, Mongolian, Hindi and Malaysian.
  • 순수민간 봉사 서비스
  • Citizen participation service
    bbb is operated by a group of volunteers from diverse
    socialand academic fields. They volunteer their time
    withNo remuneration AFTER they work their own jobs.
    There will never be a request for payment other than
    the basic mobile phone charge, so please treat them
    politely and remain well-mannered when asking for
    an interpretation!
  • Anywhere with Phone
  • Anywhere with telephone service
    You can use bbb's service anywhere with telephone service
    regardless of where you are, inside Korea or outside Korea.