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  • ' A world of free communication without any language or culture barrier '
    ' Heart & Communication '
  • "Heart" symbolizes Korea's unique culture of "Jeong"
    emotional bonds between people - and free volunteer work, both of which BBB Korea is based on.
    "Communication" signifies BBB Korea's determination to work towards a world of communication through mutual understanding of language and culture.

Due to cultural conflict and collision between civilizations, the beginning of the 21th century confronted a crisis of collapse.
Lack of communication is causing The-Tower-of-Babel Syndrome to happen at every corner of the world system. Although the internet made the Earth into a global village, racial bias and discrimination between nations and regions caused by language barriers are becoming worse than ever.

Mobile phones are ubiquitous and have become “ever-net” translating/interpreting devices that make language service available wherever,
whenever and to whoever needs it regardless of the language needed. The language barrier which distressed and
isolated people can now be demolished. Korea becomes the first land to go back to the world before the Tower of Babel.

Foreign culture is like a walnut. One cannot taste the flesh inside without breaking the hard shell outside.
The spirit of "Before Babel" in which mankind becomes one mind beyond the language barrier,
and the use of mobile phone as a device for cultural understanding is not only limited to Korea but will spread throughout the whole world and all its citizens.

It is not a missile that prevents conflict between different cultures and civilizations. Your mobile phone becomes a creative weapon to tear down the language barrier and bring about the great reconciliation of the world. Before Babel!
and "Before Babel Brigade!" This small legend rose in Korea and will once again build a great dream of the 21st century.

Lee O-young (The founder of the BBB movement) in the 2002 BBB movement declaration stated

* The Tower of Babel is the only myth that explains the history of human language.
It doesn't mean that our activity and principle is based on a certain religion or culture.

BBB is the abbreviation of ‘Before Babel Brigade’It explains the organization's wish to restore the world to the state before the Babel Tower,
during which the human race shared one language and had no problem in communication. BBB Korea is the one and only NGO
of language and culture for a world in which all people can communicate with each other.

The logo of BBB Korea signifies a tree made of ㅅ(the first consonant of the Korean word 소통 which means 'communication').
It represents a healthy society that grows up through communication among its members.
Every branches of the tree, although each of them seems to grow in a different direction, are in harmony and shows an organic beauty.
Its attractive orange color shows BBB's bright and enterprising vision. It also represents a wish that BBB's activities become the foundation of a healthy and beautiful society.

* Ann Sang-soo, graphic designer and professor of Hongik university donated his time to design the BBB logo.