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BBB Korea has made business agreements with local governments,
various organization and corporations related to international businesses,
and has a corporate system.
Airport, police offices, tourist places and various international events are using bbb's interpretation service through agreement.
Each organizations trying to improve efficiency in foreigner-related businesses and the quality of
customer service through cooperation with BBB Korea
and thus promote their reputation and invigorate the tourism industry. And by holding promotion campaigns together with bbb
they are diversifying their social contribution for communication with people and the society through language and culture.
Organizations in Cooperation
연도별 bbb 협약기관
Date of the agreement Name of the Organization Date of the agreement Name of the Organization
2004.04.09 Jeju Province 2005.03.29 Gyeonggi Province
2005.11.04 Police 2007.02.26 Samsung Electronics, SK telecom, Woori Bank, JoongAng Ilbo
2007.09.13 Seoul metropolitan city 2007.10.17 Korea Association of Volunteer Center
2007.11.19 Incheon Metropolitan City· 2008.04.22 Catholic Medical Center
2008.07.02 Boryung-si 2008.07.22 Korean Amateur Athletic Association/Korea Olympic Committee
2008.08.19 Gangwon Province 2008.08.26 Baekje Cultural Festival Committee
2008.11.03 Traffic Broadcasting System(TBS) 2008.11.24 KOICA
2008.12.26 Ansan City·Ansan City Facilities Management Corporation 2009.03.01 Yeungnam University Hospital
2009.04.14 Hanyang University Medical Center 2009.07.01 Daegu Catholic University Hospital
2009.07.10 Youngdeungpo-gu 2009.07.17 Nam-gu, Ulsan Metropolitan City
2009.07.24 Seoul National University Bundang Hospital 2009.10.06 Daejeon Metropolitan City
2009.10.20 Yangcheon-gu 2009.12.10 Korean Air, Incheon International Airport
2010.03.29 Ulsan Metropolitan City 2010.04.09 Asiana Airlines
2010.04.22 Dongdaemun-gu 2010.05.13 Visit Korea Committee
2010.06.01 Dankook University Hospital 2010.09.14 Sungdong-gu
2010.09.16 Seoul National University Hospital 2010.10.14 Hwaseong Vonlunteer Center
2010.10.18 Gangnam-gu 2010.11.15 National Health Insurance Service Ilsan Hospital
2011.01.19 National Health Insurance Service Ilsan Hospital 2011.02.17 Korea Forum for Progress
2011.04.05 Korea Federation of SMEs 2011.04.13 Gangnam Cha Hospital
2011.06.14 Busan-Korea Airports Corporation Headquarters 2011.06.15 Presidential Council on Nation Branding
2011.06.28 Daegu Metropolitan Subway Corporation 2011.12.21 Korea Airport Corporation
2012.04.09 Organizing Committee for Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea 2012.10.16 2014 Incheon Asian Games Organizing Committee
2013.03.06 The Gwangju Citizens Association for Successful International Events 2014.01.27 Lotte Hotel
2014.05.02 2014 Incheon Asian Para Games Organizing Committee 2015.03.03 Cheongju City
2015.04.30 Korea Medical Dispute Mediation Arbitration 2015.05.13 Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
2015.05.27 GS Retail 2016.07.05 Gyeongju-si