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BBB Korea is running diverse communication campaigns
with our cooperative organization for the world of communication.
Incheon International Airport bbb-day
BBB Korea is running a campaign for Incheon Airport Free From Communication Problems every July since 2010. By promoting bbb's interpretation service at Incheon Airport, which is the main entrance to Korea, we are trying to make a better world in which everyone can communicate freely wherever they are.

Door to Door campaign
Taxi is the most popular transportation method among foreigners, who are not used to using local public transportation. It actually has a high percentage of bbb's interpretation cases. BBB Korea is running variety of promotion campaigns towards taxi drivers so that foreign visitors can take a taxi without any inconvenience.

Local community campaign
We are running a communication campaign in local areas so that people can communicate with each other freely at any place in Korea. By expanding our local campaigns, we are going to lead in building Korea's local communication infrastructure.

Supporting international events
BBB Korea supports interpretation services for diverse international events. Since the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, we are continually supporting a variety of international events held in Korea. By offering interpretation through mobile phones to foreign visitors who encounter communication problems, we help them to experience cultural exchange in a real sense. Especially for the national events, we organize special volunteer team and help foreign visitors at any time.

international event with bbb

2014년 대표이미지

  • Brazil World Cup
  • Incheon Asian games
  • Incheon Asian Para Games
  • 12th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention
     on Biological Diversity (COP 12)

2013년 대표이미지

  • Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games

2012년 대표이미지

  • Nuclear security summit
  • Yeosu world expo

2011년 대표이미지

  • World championship marathon

2010년 대표이미지

  • Seoul G20 SUMMIT

2005년 대표이미지


2003년 대표이미지

  • Gyeongju World Culture EXPO
  • Daegu Summer Universiade

2002년 대표이미지

  • FIFA World Cup
  • Busan Asian games