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The bbb movement started in Korea: putting digital technology
and analog sensibility together resulted in a worldwide citizen movement of intellectual volunteer services.
BBB Korea's voluntary interpretation system using telephones is being benchmarked by diverse countries facing international events
and contests. A bbb campaign was introduced in the 2015 Brazil World Cup, and city government of Rio is planning to officially adopt a bbb campaign for the 2016 Rio Olympic. BBB Korea is pursuing further cooperation with diverse international organizations with the hope that bbb movement will be shared by more world citizens and more people can and will benefit from it.
  • Rio Amigo

· Project name: Rio Amigo ("Brazil Friend")
· Language in service: 7 languages in total (Korean, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German and French)
· Cooperating entities: the city government of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil's private interpretation corporation Marilia Rebello & Associados.
· Sponsor: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.