[Culture Event] 11th bbb International Friends Day ‘BBB YTN RUN’
 This is bbb Korea! On 11 May, bbb Korea held the 11th International Friends Day(IFD) at Namsan Seoul Tower!   This IFD was co-hosted by bbb Korea and YTN, and sponsored...
2019 bbb Korea – Goyang City Agreement
On April 12th, bbb Korea and Goyang City’s ‘Making no language barrier Goyang City’ business agreement ceremony was held in Goyang City Hall.   Volunteers took part in the ceremony to...
2019 YTN-bbb RUN
2019 YTN bbb RUN - A race for harmonizing 1. International Friends Day bbb Korea has held annual event called “bbb International Friends Day” for the purpose of unity and friendship b...
2019 Yangon KB School - for a bigger leap at the new place
On Feb 27th, signboard hanging ceremony was held for move to new place in Yangon KB Korean Language School.    120 people including 120 directors, including Jeong Yeong-su minis...
2019 The 22nd bbb Probono Activity Begins
 The 22nd bbb probono has started their activities.  For three months(from March to May), they presented their plans in the launching ceremony held in bbb korea's seminar room.&...
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2019 bbb Korea – Inha University Hospital Agreement
On Feb 1st, bbb Korea and Inha University Hospital have signed MOU. Two organizations have contracted to remove language barrier in Inha University Hospital, and enhance Korea’s national image...