2015 bbb ThankFULL Night

On December 16th, 2015, BBB Korea invited volunteers and donors to a year-end party ‘ThankFULL Night’. The party began with the opening announcement of Jang Kim, a voice actor. As an opening speech, President Janghee Yoo said “We want to say thanks to everyone in this hall. Please stay with us in the future so we have more to be thankful”.


Then, BBB Korea’s new promotional video clip was released. Movie director Eunjin Pang, an Honorary Ambassador of BBB Korea, became a presenter in the video clip introducing the organization and its activities. In the video clip, two bbb volunteers share how they think about BBB Korea and their interpretation story through interview.


Next, Mihye Choi, the Secretary-General gave a presentation about BBB Korea’s present and future. She announced “BBB Korea’s sharing of language talents is to make world of free communication. Please support our value and vision.”


After the meal, jazz trio ‘Trio Closer’ (Pianist Vian, Bassist Wonsul Lee, Drummer Steve Pruitt) filled the entire hall with variety songs which all participants enjoyed.


At the end of the party, all participants were smiling with happiness and joy.

Thanks for participation, and especially thanks again to Jang Kim and ‘Trio Closer’ for Talent Donation.