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Hello & Contact - The 12th bbb International Friends Day(IFD)

The 12th bbb International Friends Day(IFD) - ONLINE[Heart & Communication, Hello & Contact]1. WHEN: December 12, 2020 (Sat) 14:00 - 16:00 (local time in Korea)2. WHAT: [Heart & Commu...

[Culture Event] 11th bbb International Friends Day (bbb RUN) Video

  11th bbb International Friends Day (bbb RUN with YTN) occasion was held in Namsan Tower on 11 May.  This IFD which had the courses of 3km walk and 6km run with 1,457 participan...

[Culture Event] 11th bbb International Friends Day ‘BBB YTN RUN’

 This is bbb Korea! On 11 May, bbb Korea held the 11th International Friends Day(IFD) at Namsan Seoul Tower!   This IFD was co-hosted by bbb Korea and YTN, and sponsored...


This volunteer interpretation service has its base in Korea, but you can use it anywhere at any time if you can use a telephone. More

Language Center

BBB Korea is running Korean Language Center outside Korea for Korean language education and Korean cultural experience for foreigners. More

How to use

1. Using bbb's main number 1588-5644
Call 1588-5644 which is bbb's main number. Follow the instructions and press the number corresponding to the desired language preference. You will be connected directly to the relevant phone volunteer.

2. Using bbb's smart phone application
You can access bbb service more easily and conveniently using bbb's smart phone application. Turn on the application, choose the desired language and you'll be connected directly to the mobile phone of the proper volunteer.


ㆍbbb does NOT offer direct interpretation at the site.
ㆍConference calling(call between more than two people) is not supported. If you want a conference call or similar services, you should request it from your telecommunication company.
ㆍVolunteers will help to make a reservation, but will not help with bargaining or any other business.
ㆍinterpretation for personal use such as assignment or document translation and long-term discussion with foreign buyers are not supported.