BBB Korea brings out the values of empathy and communication,
which are essential virtues in the multicultural era
carrying out various cultural activities with systematic organizations and programs
to create a bright and healthy society by sharing the perception of understanding
each other's differences.
bbb Korea runs diverse programs which people can enjoy regardless of their language and cultural differences
For example, BBB Korea has held an International Friends Day annually starting in 2007 with the first Korean and Foreigner Walkathon. Originally it was a celebration of the fifth anniversary of the bbb Movement. For the last seven years it has grown into a publicity campaign for BBB Korea as well as an opportunity for local citizens and foreigners living in Korea to get to know each other.
The 9th bbb International Friends Day 'bbb Wonderful Day'
2014 bbb Run-together
bbb Korea is running Korean Language Center outside Korea for Korean language education and Korean cultural experience for foreigners
The Korean Language Center provides a space for exchange between people of different cultural and language backgrounds. By providing those experiences, BBB Korea is nurturing future talent in the fields related to tourism and international business. bbb overseas Korean Language Centers have two kinds of operating systems: 1. BBB Korea cooperates with local organizations 2. BBB Korea runs the institute independently In 2012 and 2013 BBB Korea opened “King Sejong Institute” both in Vietnam and Laos, and started running Korean Language Education programs. In 2013 and 2014 BBB Korea opened “bbb Korean Language Center” in Myanmar and Indonesia.
해외학당 구글지도
2015 - 05Laos Luangprabang Sejong Institute completed
2014 - 04Opened Jakarta KT & G Korean Language School
2013 - 11Opened Sejong Language Academy in Vietnam
2013 - 10Myanmar Yangon KB Korean Language School opens
2012 - 09Laos Luangprabang Sejong Academy opened