bbb Korea is a

cultural and language NGO that works for a warmer and
better world through volunteers

We donate our knowledge for a world with true communication between people.
bbb started during the 2002 Korean-Japan World Cup to solve the language problems foreign visitors encounter.
Now you can solve the language problem anywhere at any time with bbb interpretation service and only a mobile phone, not only in Korea but in other countries as well.

We create a culture of sharing for citizens of the 21st century.
Our range of use has expanded to the world wide level due to digital technology. BBB Korea is carrying forward diverse cultural and language business through open exchange.
bbb's activities places its values on communication without any cultural and language barrier and connection with each other's thoughts and ideas.

Our 'Made in Korea' citizen movement spreads throughout the world.
BBB Korea is an intellectual volunteer work organization initiated in Korea and it is being exported to other countries.
Due to volunteers and supporters, in June 2014, BBB Korea exported its movement to Brazil, which is located at the opposite side of the earth.

We will work hard to keep our reputation as a citizen movement that represents Korea.

Thank you.

President of bbb Korea.