This volunteer interpretation service has its base in Korea, but you can use it anywhere at any time if you can use a telephone
The volunteers donate their precious time for the service. You cannot use it for personal or commercial purposes.
How to use

1. Using bbb's main number 1588-5644

Call 1588-5644 which is bbb's main number. Follow the instructions and press the number corresponding to the desired language preference. You will be connected directly to the relevant phone volunteer.

2. Using bbb's smart phone application

You can access bbb service more easily and conveniently using bbb's smart phone application. Turn on the application, choose the desired language and you'll be connected directly to the mobile phone of the proper volunteer.


ㆍbbb does NOT offer direct interpretation at the site.
ㆍConference calling(call between more than two people) is not supported. If you want a conference call or similar services, you should request it from your telecommunication company.
ㆍVolunteers will help to make a reservation, but will not help with bargaining or any other business.
ㆍinterpretation for personal use such as assignment or document translation and long-term discussion with foreign buyers are not supported.
There are 4,500 volunteers for 20 languages at bbb Korea
bbb’s voluntary interpretation service is a real time service based on each volunteer’s anonymity. bbb’s volunteers are taking part in bbb;s movement to solve communication problems by offering interpretation through their mobile phone in their daily lives. One encounters various communication problems when they are staying abroad with different language background. When you are in an important situation which requires accurate communication, such as in hospital, police office, real estate agency and mobile phone shop, ask bbb for help any time. bbb's volunteers are problem solvers that help people in need of communication behind the scenes.
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Bahasa Malaysia
How do I pay for the bbb service?
bbb is a free interpretation service, and you only have to pay for the basic telephone charge. However, the bbb movement not only consists of volunteer interpreters but also requests the cooperation of common. Although you have to pay for the telephone charge, when you come across a foreigner who is in a difficult situation, please lend them your mobile phone and spontaneously participate in bbb movement!
Where can I get a bbb card?
BBB Korea is distributing bbb cards and leaflest at many tourist information centers across Korea, immigration checkpoints, subway stations and so on. Therefore, if you want a small amount of bbb cards and leaflets, you can get them at organization and business places, and if you need a large amount, you can send a request via bbb's webpage or by a direct call to the bbb office. After discussing the amount, the office will send you the promotion papers.
Can I use bbb service only with my mobile phone?
No. You can use either your mobile phone or a land line to use the service by calling bbb's main number 1588-5644. You can also use it through bbb's application in your smart phone.
Can I use the service outside Korea?
Yes, you can. BBB Korea is supporting outbound service since October 2006, so not only foreign visitors but also Korean travelers who are visiting other countries can use bbb's interpretation service. Press the International call number of the country where you are staying - 82 - 1588 - 5644 and press the extension number of preferred language, and you can use bbb's interpretation service.
Can I use a conference call service?
We don't support conference call service which is a call between more than two people, and only people who applied for the service to their own telecommunication company can use it. In this case, the one who calls first has to pay for all the charges for conference call.
Who are bbb volunteers?
bbb volunteers are the ones who help people in need of communication 24 hours a day without any remuneration. They use their mobile phone for their volunteer work. They are common citizens who speak foreign languages and they include people from diverse walks of life such as retired diplomat, former/current professors, office workers, undergraduate/graduate students and homemakers.
What do I have to do to be a bbb volunteer?
Join our website and apply through "Apply for bbb volunteer". You will not be immediately accepted as a volunteer, but twice a year (during the first half and second half) there is a recruitment period. If you join on the website and apply to be a bbb volunteer, we will email you when the recruitment starts. The selection process is made of three steps: 1. applying email and getting reply 2. verifying language ability 3. volunteer education. Only applicants who passed the three steps can successfully serve as a bbb volunteer.
Can a foreigner also join bbb's volunteer?
Yes. But you also have to be proficient in Korea. If you are a foreigner who cannot register, please call bbb's office. (Tel 02-725-9108~9, E-mail